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My Guardian By: Rylee Campbell


There is a man who lives in my closet.  He’s tall, wears a black hoodie and black pants.  He has a tattoo of fire on his hand and he does not have a face.  The man talks to me every night and sometimes even keeps me awake all night.  He doesn’t have a name though.  He said that his mother never gave him one, he was always know as “It”.   He is my Guardian Demon; he warns me of danger.  For example, the night before my mom went into the hospital I heard his voice whisper, “Something bad is going to happen.”   I was scared because he is usually right,  Sure enough, that night my mom went to the hospital.  He wants to harm my friends when they stay over because he thinks that they are going to take me away from him.  I assure him that he’s my true best friend and that I would never replace him.  He’s been living with me for about two years now and it hasn’t really bothered me until I found out that he has been taking my dreams away.  I will wake up with no idea what I dreamed about that night.  He won’t tell me why he’s doing it though, some demon thing, I guess.  I looked up on the internet if you can really have Guardian Demons, and yes, yes you can.  They are like Guardian Angels but really they are not. Angels are angels and demons are demons.  I never want to lose him, he’s the only person that I can talk to and trust, he loves me and protects me.  He is my Guardian.



Donald Trump By: McKenna Hogue

              Donald Trump is the person you mostly hear about on the t.v or the radio because he is winning the presidential debate.  I think Donald Trump would make a good president because he is wanting to make the U.S a safe and good place for the Americans.

              Donald Trump is a very competitive person when it comes to the voting. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to win this debate. In my opinion he can be obnoxious about giving his own opinion about things or other people. He tells people or the news so it’s public his opinions about certain things, but he is also about keeping people safe and keeping the state how it’s supposed to be.

               Other people’s opinions about Donald are mean and nice but that’s how the debate is so close between him and other people becoming president, most people will call him racist and most people will call him wise. In my opinion he’s wise because he tells it how it is.

Missing Dog By: Isabella Decker


Have you seen my dog? He has brown hair with some golden highlights. He will come by his name, Tony. He is annoying most of the time. He only gets a bath once a month, so he probably stinks. He’s usually seen around downtown Newark, by the office building. Sometimes you wanna knock some sense into him. Tony is about 6’4 when he’s standing up. When he’s sitting down he’s about 6’0.

Tony is usually nice unless it’s his bad hair day or you get on his nerves. DON’T GET ON HIS NERVES, I REPEAT DON’T GET ON HIS NERVES!  Anyway, I don’t like Tony at all. In fact I strongly dislike him, (I would use hate but that’s a very hateful word.) I would rather lose my job then to be around him.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Tony is my boss and he is really mean and bossy. Tony isn’t really a dog, he’s a human that I strongly dislike. He always has a bad hair day, so he’s always mean.  I really need a new job because I just got fired… whoops. So if there is any job offerings I would gladly apply for them unless you have a mean boss like me.  I hope you don’t apply for my spot or you’ll hate it.


Talk To You Soon,


Fair Week By: Keelie Carpenter

The Guernsey County fair is the best week ever, in my opinion.

Why do I think this? It is so much fun, hanging out with friends all week, bonfires, riding rides, fair food, ect.

Also, another good thing about fair is that I get the whole week off of school!  I get the whole week off because I show market hogs. I have to have the week off because, we have to feed the pigs in the mornings, afternoon and at night!  We also have to make sure they are clean, and ready to be shown!  Showing pigs is very hard, and a lot of work!  We have to get up very, very early in the morning to show them.  The showings usually start at 8:00 in the morning and will go until 2:00 in the afternoon!  There are about 200 pigs in the barn each year, so it is a very long process.

Showing pigs, or any animal at the fair, is a fun way to make many new friends. Showing animals also keeps you busy and active.

Should “Lord of the Flies,” by William Golding be Banned in Schools? By: Cale Warner

Would you want a good book banned for only some inappropriate language and violence? I am going to talk about the book “Lord of the Flies.” I will be arguing that this book should not be banned for grades 7-12. This book has no reason for it to be banned because the language is worse in video games or t.v. shows that we watch or play and the violence is only for killing animals and blood boiling to try to hurt each other. I will give detail on why this book should not be banned in the following paragraphs.


The language in this book is very mild. I disagree that this book should be banned for its language because you could hear worse from video games, t.v., etc. This book also uses very few cuss words in it, definitely not enough to be banned. Put yourself in these kids’ shoes that are on this island, would you get frustrated and swear a little bit? I think so, most people would.


This book was also banned for violence, I kinda of understand why, though. This book has violence that is unreal they even call it violence. For example, people say that the boys killing a pig in this book was violence, but if you need meat to survive what else would you do? There is violence I understand why it should be banned, though, such as throwing rocks at each other and wanting to hunt each other down and kill each other. That is violence I can understand on why it should be banned but not enough to make the book banned.


Some may say that “Lord of the Flies” should be banned, but I think differently. Some parents say that this book is sending kids the wrong message, but what if your kid was stuck on an island? Would you want your kid to survive? Would you want your kid to eat and not starve to death? Would you want your kid to kill animals to get enough energy to make it another day? Now I am sure you don’t want your kid to be trying to kill other kids, but, when you’re out in the wild for so long, you start to go a little crazy I imagine.


In conclusion, I don’t think this book should be banned. It has barely any inappropriate language in it but some mild violence. The violence is no worse than a video game that kids play these days anyway. I hope people see differently about this book now. Thank you for reading my essay on the book “Lord of the Flies.”  

A Mother’s Touch By: Lillaunna Perkins

I woke up at three in the morning from a dead sleep to the sound of my mother calling me from downstairs. When I pried my tired eyes open the yelling was still going. Over and over she screamed for me. I rolled over to my left to put both feet on the cold floor, and I see her standing there. Staring at me.

The screaming never stopped. She was in a white nightgown, their was blood stained in the abdomen of the gown. “MOTHER? MOTHER?!” I screamed frantically. I thrusted toward her and poof she vanished in a white cloud of dust. I was standing where she was sobbing and covering my ears from the echoing of her continuing screams. I looked to the other side of the dusty room and saw her yet again, screaming and clenching her blood soaked stomach. She appeared out of nowhere…confused and distressed I ran over to her and reached for her cold hands, once again she disappeared, leaving me. Suddenly, I looked down at my hand, the hand I briefly got to touch her with, blood dripped from them. I covered my face with my hands and felt the warm liquid consume my face, I was drowning. I gasped for breath, but no air could come through…”breathe, breathe.” I told myself.

Loudly, I coughed and gasped allowing the sweet oxygen to fill my lungs, I sat up and looked around. I was in my room, safe, it was just another nightmare. I breathed deep, attempting to calm myself and wrap my head around what the nightmare, that I have had everyday for the past month, meant. I wiped the tears still falling from my eyes away and allowed my feet to touch the floor. I gasped again, as the dream flashed back in my mind. The cold, terrified feeling I had was indescribable. I inhaled through my nose and smelled the sweet aroma of my father making breakfast. After making sure it wasn’t noticeable that I had been crying I walked swiftly downstairs. The sound of chattering and sizzling in the kitchen gave me a feeling of safeness and comfort. I looked around my eyes searching for my mother but then I realized that I had forgotten what had happened, just a short month ago…

My younger brother, Jacob, who was only 13 and my father were both standing in the kitchen and greeted me good morning with smiles on their faces. They had no idea about the dreams. “Well, I’m going on a walk…” I said solemnly with a hot piece of bacon in my hand. “Sweetheart, are you okay?” My dad said concerned. I simply nodded indicating that I was okay and walked out the door into the dampness of the morning.

Of course I am fine, why wouldn’t I be, my mother only disappeared…ugh. Should I tell them about the dreams? These are not just nightmares, they are telling me something…I wish I knew what… Am I crazy?

My mind raced with the question. Was I really crazy, or was I just starting to see the truth?

The Main Office By: Kali Wheeler

One night at Band Camp #13 we were telling scary stories. It was my turn.  I knew that I had to scare them or else they would sleep and we don’t sleep here at Band Camp #13!  This is how the story goes…

One night there was a little girl, Sally, who was coming to a band camp for the first time. Little did she know, she wouldn’t be returning home. When she got there, she chose a cabin with 2 beds. The cabin was the same one that was a crime scene the year before.  Last year, a little girl was kidnapped and taken prisoner in this very cabin. Sally wondered why no one claimed that cabin already. When she went outside no one was there she thought that everyone must be in their cabins so she checked all of them. No one, was in any of them. Sally started to walk into the woods to check if they were taking a walk and they didn’t tell her. Again, no one was in there. So she decided to wait, on the front porch of her cabin. Hours passed and still no one showed up.  She was alone, cold, hungry and terrified that someone might of made a fake flier to attract little kids.

Sally decided to go to the main office. When she opened up the door a woman screamed, “Where are they, they should be here taking them back into the woods.” Sally ran, she ran to the main road and she got hit by a truck. The truck didn’t stop, it kept going. She decided to attempt to get up but her right arm and her left leg were broken. She tried to scream but she couldn’t. She was left on the cold, hard ground and no one knew she was there or that the camp was fake.

She died there.  Sally’s parents found her 2 weeks later. She cursed the land and anyone who steps foot on it. The band camp was called, Band Camp #13. Remember, kids, it’s best to sleep with your eyes open and don’t go into the main office during the night. That is where she waits for the kids to come running in never to be seen again.

How to Become a Better Writer By: Khiera Plants

How To Become A Better Writer

Do you love to write?  If you do, what about?  Do you like to write about animals, or the future?  Or do you like to write about love and happiness?  Whatever it is, have you ever wondered how to make your story become more alive and creative?  I’m sure enough you like your stories and are perfectly fine with the way you write them. But does your story always end up the same with all of the others?  Not exactly boring, but not quite the hype people want to read about.

I’ll admit some authors always mix up their books with life. Some have sad parts and some have evil parts. But what we as  reader’s want to read about is a book filled with sobbing parts but they still have those parts that just makes you want to jump with joy because all along you knew it would eventually happen, even if the characters in the book didn’t know it would, then it finally did. Other books can be quite the novel, but are missing those parts combined that makes that one specific book stand out more than all of the others.

If you’ve ever read the book, “The Notebook,” by Nicholas Sparks, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. “The Notebook,”  fills every reader’s wants when reading a book. It fills up the category of sobbing, for sure. But most of all it tells about a boy and a girl who fall in love and are forced to separate by the girl’s parents.  Later in life, they end up falling madly in love again while the girl is with her new fiance. It teaches about love, life, and what the future can hold, with all of the juicy details in between. So, before you go and write that ‘amazing story,’ think of what I just told you if you really want to write a story that’s going to stand in front of all the others.

EVERYONE VERSUS POLLUTION AND TRASH A 14 year old’s guide on how to recycle and stop pollution By: Jacob Lebeau

As of today, pollution is still a problem in the world. Thousands of fish die because of water pollution and the land getting trash. Well today, in this blog post, I am going to write a guide on how to stop polluting and start recycling.

The first thing to do when stopping pollution is not to dump oil and radiation in water. That is the main thing that causes pollution. If you are not going to use the oil and/or radioactive waste, then just don’t do anything with it.  Or better yet, give to someone who will use it. Don’t just dump it out.

Secondly, do not be lazy when it comes to trash. Instead of just leaving trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away.  If you just leave it, then other people will leave trash, as well.  Also, do not ever throw trash in lakes or oceans. Then fish and seals can choke on it and die.  A better solution will be to recycle instead of wasting useful stuff. Furthermore, recycling things like paper can put new uses to it, like making paper airplanes, or hats!

Finally, don’t leave the water running. It will not only waste water, it can also cause water bills to rise. All water pipes lead to the sewers, so don’t put trash like water bottles in the toilet and flush it down. If you do, it will put more waste in the water since sewers go out to oceans.

There’s my guide to stop polluting and start recycling. If you were to follow the guide, then the world will become cleaner. For more information about pollution, you can search for it on Google or go to a library and read a book to learn more. You can also watch videos about the situation. We all can stop pollution and clean up after ourselves!

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